How to Fill Out a Money Order

You don’t have access to a checking account or can’t accept checks, but you need to pay the bills, send money to a loved one or just save money for yourself for a later date. What do you do? Work with EZ Money to send a money order. When filled out carefully and correctly, money orders never expire.

Transfer Money Safely and Effectively with a Step by Step Process to Filling out a Money Order

Filling out a money order is similar to writing a check. The main difference is that money order forms can vary slightly depending upon what vendor they are from. For instance, if you get a money order from the United States Postal Service (USPS) it will be different than a money order form at Western Union. General guidelines for correctly filling out a money order form include the following requested information:

  1. Recipients Name

    Put the name of the person or business to receive the money order that you are paying. This indicates who is authorized to deposit or cash the money order. This section might be titled “pay to the order of,” “pay to,” or “payee.” Write the recipient’s information clearly and correctly.

  2. Address

    The address portion of the money order is the address of the purchaser – YOU. This is so the person receiving the payment can contact you if there are questions. Some money orders may use the words “From,” “Sender,” “Issuer,” “Remitter,” or “Drawer” to indicate where you add your address.

    If you are concerned about privacy, on some forms you can omit this information. In addition, on some money order forms the recipient address is also requested.

  3. Account Number or Memo Field

    The account number or memo information is not always required, or it may not be on the money order. When paying a bill with the money order, you can write the account number on that line, so the recipient knows what account to credit.

    If there is no account number field there may be a “memo” field and you should include a description of what the money order is for so that the payment is handled correctly, and the recipient recognizes what the payment is for.

  4. Signature

    You will sign the purchaser’s signature line which is typically on the final line of the front of the money order. Sign the money order where it states – “Signature,” “Purchaser,” or “Drawer.” Do not sign the back of the document, that is for the recipient to sign.

  5. Receipt for Records

    The receipt for the money order should be kept in case there are any issues with payment. This receipt is the proof of payment and guarantees the recipient receives the funds.

    You can also use the receipt if your money order is lost or stolen and you need a refund or to track your money order and see if it has been deposited. Please note that tracking added to a money order can add additional costs.

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