Gift Card Exchange

If you’re stuck with a bunch of gift cards that you’ll never use, come into EZ Money where you can sell unwanted gift cards! Whether it’s to a restaurant you don’t like or to a store you’ll never shop at, unwanted gift cards are just a waste of space in your wallet.

If you’re debating on giving them away to a friend or simply tossing them in the trash, come exchange them for cash instead.

At any of our EZ Money locations, we offer gift card exchange for cash so that your unwanted gift cards don’t go to waste. Has it been a while since you’ve cleaned out your wallet? Now is a good time to check and sell unwanted gift cards to EZ Money!

EZ Money Gift Card Exchange Services

Sell Your Unused Gift Cards

According to Marketwatch, experts estimated that $750 million in gift card money went unused in 2014 alone. This number continues to increase every year, which means money is literally just sitting around not being used!

Even though small gift cards here and there may seem insignificant, they can certainly add up over time. If you’re not a big gift card user or have any sitting around that you have no desire to use, take advantage of our gift card exchange for cash service!

Selling Gift Cards gets you Extra Cash

There’s no sense in wasting wallet space on gift cards you’ll never use. Luckily there’s an option for you to turn them into quick cash.

As many Americans either forget or choose not to use all of their gift cards, there is a lot of wasted money not being used.

Even if you have several gift cards with very small amounts on them and forget to use the remaining balance, they can all add up quickly and give you a nice large sum to exchange for cash.

It’s understandable how this waste occurs as it often stems from one of the following situations:

  • You make one large purchase with gift cards and forget about the small balances that add up.
  • You habitually use your debit/credit cards for purchases and don’t think to pull out the gift card until after the purchase was made.
  • You avoid using gift cards without ready knowledge of their balances.

How Does Gift Card Exchange Work?

If you’re in need of some quick cash and have a wallet full of unused or unwanted gift cards, stop into any EZ Money location to quickly turn those gift cards into cash!

You can turn your unused gift cards into cash using Gift Card Exchange services offered at EZ Money. No balance is too small. Just load up all your unused gift cards and stop by. We’ll assess them and offer a dollar amount to take them off your hands. As a locally-owned and operated business, you can count on us to provide a fair offer.

Steps to Selling Your Gift Cards

To take advantage of our gift card exchange, simply follow these steps:

  • Bring your gift card(s) and ID
  • Meet with an EZ Money representative to review our offer
  • Get cash in your pocket!

What Gift Cards do We Accept?

We accept most gift cards and are able to send you on your way quickly with extra cash in hand. For specific gift card exchange details, visit your local EZ Money location and ask a representative for more details.

We have helped many satisfied customers with quick exchanges to take those unwanted or unused gift cards off their hands.

Why Choose EZ Money

Unlike larger national chains, our team at EZ Money takes our time with each customer to help them out with their unique situations. You’re not just another customer when you walk in our doors. We’ll work closely with you to find the best possible solution that’s right for you.

No matter what services you’re using with us, you’ll always have peace of mind working with our friendly, personable staff.

We understand that everyone has busy schedules, which is why we work quickly to process your gift card exchange as efficiently as possible. Contact us today for more gift card exchange for cash information.

Fast, Friendly Service - Stop By Today to Turn Your Unused Gift Cards into Cold, Hard Cash!