Gift Card Exchange 

Gift cards are popular, especially if you’re hard to shop for. However, according to Marketwatch, experts estimated $750 million in gift card money went unused in 2014 alone.

It’s understandable how this waste occurs as it often stems from one of the following catalysts:

  • You make one large purchase with gift cards and forget about the small balances that add up.
  • You habitually use your debit/credit cards for purchases and don’t think to pull out the gift card until after the purchase was made.
  • You avoid using gift cards without ready knowledge of their balances.
EZ Money Gift Card Exchange Services

We’ll Turn Your Unused Gift Cards into Cash!

Sick of sifting through unused gift cards in your purse or wallet? Lamenting because you have several cards you never anticipate using? You can turn your unused gift cards into cash using Gift Card Exchange services offered at EZ Money.

No balance is too small. Just load up all your unused gift cards and stop by. We’ll assess them and offer a dollar amount to take them off your hands. As a locally-owned and operated business, you can count on us to provide a fair offer.

Fast, Friendly Service - Stop By Today to Turn Your Unused Gift Cards into Cold, Hard Cash!