5 Ways to Save Daily

Trying to save up for a big purchase, but feel as though the money you earn is burning a hole in your pocket? It may not feel like you are spending much each day, but little expenses add up over time! EZ Money is here to help give you some tips on how to save money in your daily life. 

1. Cook meals at home. We understand that sometimes life gets busy and it’s hard to plan out meals! However, that $35 you just spent on a meal could have been saved by cooking at home. Plan out your meals for the week before you go grocery shopping on the weekends, so you will have all of the ingredients ready to go. You could also try meal prepping as well!

2. Reduce your credit card spending. Take time to pay off any credit card debt you may have. You do not need to stop spending money on your credit card, but be sure you can pay it off in the same month. This way, you avoid any interest payments that will cost you more in the long run.

3. Think before you purchase online. Do you really need those luxury shoes right now, or a brand-new watch when yours works perfectly well? Take the time to understand if you are about to make an impulsive purchase, or if you really need something. If you are looking to treat yourself to a new purchase, put a small amount of money aside each week designated for it.

4. Stick to your grocery list. Instead of impulsively buying those cookies or candy you see, stick to the list that you create at the beginning of the week! That $2.99 may seem like nothing, but over time, you can save hundreds of dollars by listing out the items you need from the store and sticking to it.

5. Prepare your daily coffee at home. Instead of spending over $5 daily at your nearby coffee shop, try making your own coffee at home six days a week. You can still get your gourmet coffee fix once a week, but by reducing your weekly coffee expenses, you will save thousands of dollars each year.

Though these are simple tasks that do not mean a lot for one day, these daily costs can add up over time. Start saving your money day-by-day now!