Payday Loans in Alpena

Has an unexpected bill put you in a tough financial situation? EZ Money of Alpena has payday loans and cash advances available so you can quickly obtain the money you need. 

The team at EZ Money can help you through our simple process so you can get a cash advance for your financial emergency. We know that unexpected bills can put our customers under a lot of stress, so our application is designed to be simple and straightforward to help get folks in Alpena the cash advances and payday loans they need.

What is the Purpose of a Payday Loan?

When an unexpected car repair or small medical bill pops up between pay periods, a payday loan can help cover the cost. EZ Money is the most trusted money lending company in Alpena, providing dependable payday loans and cash advances to help our customers pay for these unplanned expenses. Our loans are often approved the same day and our application requires minimal information. You can rest assured that you’ll have the cash you need fast.

EZ Money has a team of experts available to answer all of your questions and guide you through the payday loan process to make sure the cash advance amount is appropriate for your needs.

How Much Money Can I Get?

The amount of your payday loan will depend on your current income and location. Loan regulations differ by state, and you can read more information about Michigan loan limits here. The EZ Money team stays well informed of current regulations and we can take care of the details for you.

We’ll begin the process by evaluating your current income to ensure that the payday loan amount is within your ability to repay. It’s our goal to help minimize your financial worries instead of adding to them with confusing loan terms and limits. 

How did we become the top money lending company in Alpena? With cash advances, payday loans, or whatever type of financial arrangement, our customer relationships are built on a foundation of integrity and transparency, so you won’t have to deal with unexpected service fees. The loan industry is highly regulated to protect customers from misleading practices and compliance with current laws remains one of our top priorities. 

When you apply for a payday loan from EZ Money, you can be confident in our commitment to practice responsible lending. We aim to provide outstanding service, while also protecting our customers from misleading claims. An expert will assess your financial situation so you can confidently repay your loan.

Applications for Payday Loans

To begin the process, simply fill out application in one of our Michigan offices. We’ll work quickly to approve your information so you can get the cash advance you need as soon as possible. You’ll need to have the following items on hand before applying:

  • Government-issued ID
  • Phone number, address, and email
  • Current paycheck details including the frequency, as well as net pay and gross pay
  • Checking account details

After You Apply

Once you complete the application, our team will contact you regarding next steps. Most customers in Alpena get the cash advance from their payday loan within one business day, either by check or direct deposit.

Who can get a Payday Loan?

EZ Money is happy to offer payday loans to Alpena residents in store. Our team values personal connections through honest communication, and we make sure our customers can comfortably repay their loans. If you’re in need of a cash advance or payday loan in Alpena, the money lending company you can trust is EZ Money. We can help get you on track. To get started, contact us today!

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