Wichita Online Line of Credit

Are you still waiting for a paycheck and need money instantly? EZ Money is here to help! Our online line of credit services offered in Wichita will aid you when you are stuck. This is an open-ended loan, meaning you are able to withdraw money as you need it. This also means that you can repay on your own time, whether this is right away or over a period of time. Just as a normal loan accrues interest, a line of credit will also charge interest once the money is borrowed but only on the amount you withdraw rather than your full credit limit. An online line of credit is usually borrowed to purchase items that a loan would not normally be used for. 

How to Apply for an Online Line of Credit

Easily complete the EZ Money application and verification from the comfort of your Wichita home! Our online line of credit application is fast and secure. After your application is approved, you have the ability to borrow money as long as your account is in good standing and there is available credit. Similar to a credit card, you will then have minimum payments due each month. It cannot get much easier than that

How Is an Online Line of Credit Different from an Online Installment Loan?

Online Line of Credit

After approval for our online line of credit services in Wichita, you are ready to withdraw money up to its limit whenever you want. The advantage to an online line of credit vs. online installment loans is the ability for more credit limit to become available as you repay your balance. This allows a bit more flexibility in your daily spending and when you are able to borrow.

Online Installment Loans

With an online installment loan, you will pay the loan back in equal amounts over time. The downside to an online installment loan is that you will be given a fixed amount of money all at once, versus being able to borrow money on demand. Our online line of credit services from EZ Money in Wichita will allow you to have a certain amount of money available whenever you need the help.

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