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EZ Money is committed to serving the St. Joseph community by providing simple and quick financial solutions. We understand that financial struggles can happen at any time, and our online installment loan may be just what you need to help you through your situation. An online installment loan is ideal for those who need a larger amount than a typical payday loan or who prefer a more flexible payment schedule. EZ Money provides a simple application process and fast approval so you can have the cash you need within one business day. 

EZ Money Installment Loan Services

How to Apply for an Online Installment Loan in St. Joseph

EZ Money is here to help provide financial solutions to the residents of St. Joseph, regardless of your situation. Our online installment loan application can be completed quickly and you can get pre-approved within seconds. All you’ll need to provide are a few items of personal information about yourself and your finances. Read on for the simple steps!

  1. Complete the online installment loan application: The online application requires some basic information including your address, phone number, email address, date of birth, employment status, and income. You will also need to possess a checking account in order to qualify for an online installment loan in Missouri.
  2. Get pre-approved for your loan: We understand that applying for a loan generally means that you need the money quickly, so we’re committed to completing the process as fast as possible. You’ll receive pre-approval within seconds of submitting the application. 
  3. Submit your verification documents. Right in the customer portal, you can easily upload the necessary documents to verify your application information. We also offer an easy way to complete your bank verification online.
  4. Submit your online signature: There’s no need to leave your home just to sign a few documents. You can easily sign the required documents with an electronic signature (e-signature). These forms include the loan agreement and repayment authorization. E-signatures are a secure way to sign important documents online.
  5. Receive your cash: You don’t have to wait around for days to access your loan funds! After you provide your verification documents and e-signature, your funds will be deposited into your account within one business day.  We also offer an Instant Funding option where you can receive your loan funds within minutes! 

How is an Online Installment Loan Different from a Payday Loan?

Installment Loans

Online installment loans are generally a larger amount with a longer repayment schedule. Installment loans can also be known by other names like mortgages, auto loans, personal loans, and student loans. Installment loan identifies the repayment plan structure, which involves making a series of equal payments on a set schedule. Each installment payment is applied to accrued interest and then principal so that the loan is paid in full by the end of the repayment term. In other words, installment loans are not repaid at one single time, but rather in smaller payments over a longer period of time that was confirmed by the lender and borrower within the loan agreement. EZ Money will work with you to ensure that the repayment schedule is manageable for your situation. An installment loan is a good option for a larger expense that’s unexpected like needing to replace an expensive appliance in your home. The experts at EZ Money are here to help you decide which type of loan is right for you. If you’re in St. Joseph and you need a cash advance, contact us today!

Payday Loans

Payday loans are not subject to repayment schedules and are expected to be repaid at one time, usually by your next paycheck. A payday loan is ideal for people in St. Joseph that have smaller unexpected expenses that often occur between pay periods. For example, you might be left with a small amount of funds in your account after you pay rent or a mortgage payment. You then discover that your car needs a repair that might cost a few hundred dollars. A payday loan will provide you with the funds you need to fix your car so you can continue to have reliable transportation.

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