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Are you searching for a quick, easy way to get the money you need on the spot? Instead of having to wait until the next day or longer, you could have funds available in under thirty minutes. With a little bit of qualifying information, you can be on your way to instant funding with EZ Money. The online loan application is a simple process, and many applicants receive their pre-approval seconds after completion. You don’t need to wait any longer, fill out an online loan application now.

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Starting with your application submission, all of our processes here at EZ Money are incredibly secure, making it easy and safe to apply for instant funding today. Our system allows you to enter in a debit securely, making it easy and for any fund disbursements in the future. The system utilized to store card information is extremely secure. This way, you have peace of mind that your personal information is safe with EZ Money, making it a stress-free process to get your money quickly and easily with instant funding!

What is an Instant Online Loan?

Sometimes we are not prepared for immediate expenses coming up such as rent, groceries, or bills. These are all necessary costs, even when money may be tight. An online loan is a short-term loan that can aid you until your next paycheck. When it comes to a regular loan, a person normally has to wait a day or longer to receive their funds. Once you apply for an instant online loan with EZ Money and are approved, you may get your money in as little as 30 minutes. This short-term loan will come through a debit deposit, making our process as EZ as can be!

Instant funding is available for payday, installment and line of credit loans. Apply online for instant funding now!  

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