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Are you experiencing a rough patch financially? Did you recently need car repairs or go to the doctor? These are common issues people face, but often, they come when you least expect it and are the least prepared to handle it. At EZ Money, we understand how these circumstances can throw a wrench in your finances which is why we are here to serve Minot with cash advances such as online payday loans. We offer a simple online application process that allows you to get access to a cash advance quickly, so that you can take care of your expenses fast. For most payday loan customers in Minot, funds are available the same day you apply with our instant funding product, making it a very convenient financing option. 

Flexible Payday Loans for Every Situation

Online payday loans in Minot are a short-term option that allows you to gain financial help in between pay periods to cover sudden costs or other financial strains. If you are new to payday loans or have questions about our process, a team member is here to walk you through each step and ensure that you understand what the payday loan is and how it will be repaid. Online payday loan approval is based on your income and we will work with you to ensure you get an amount to help you cover your financial needs. At EZ Money, we pride ourselves on providing excellent, transparent service and we welcome the opportunity to help you through whatever situation you are facing. 

Simple Process and Responsible Lending

With EZ Money of Minot, you can rest easy with our simple online payday loans, cash advances, and instant funding. There are no hidden fees and repayment terms are clear. Contact us today to learn more about our online payday loan options. We offer online payday loan options in all North Dakota cities, including Minot and Fargo, and Grand Forks.

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